Hallex Technologies

A New Era of Computing

In today's world, cyber security and data integrity are of increasing importance to businesses, governments and consumers. At Hallex Technologies we use state-of-the-art cryptography and distributed ledger technology to build applications that protect our clients against forged documents and compromised data.

We live in a hyper connected world. Not only can people communicate, share information, and collaborate; with the coming of the Internet-of-Things increasingly devices and autonomous systems communicate, data-share and collaborate. These innovations create immense new opportunities and they expose us to new risks, vulnerabilities and challenges.

Our Mission
At Hallex Technologies, our mission is to enable a connected and collaborative world by providing tools that allow our users to verify the integrity of the data and algorithms they rely upon. We want to raise the bar, setting new standards for privacy-preserving compute and data integrity. This is why we build the systems we build.
Our Vision
Hallex' vision of the future is one where companies, governments, devices and individuals, have at their disposal better tools for ensuring that they trust only the trustworthy. A future where sensitive private data is never compromised, where critical shared data is un-manipulatable, and where crucial systems are un-hackable.
Our Specialisation
We specialize in cryptography and high performing distributed systems. We build and develop research-based solutions that protect our clients against fraud, failures and manipulated data.


Our Mindset

At Hallex we share an engineering mindset - we are dreamers, doers, thinkers, builders and problem solvers. We are committed to putting our skills to good use, building better technologies, shaping a better future.

Our People

Great people is what makes great companies great. It’s that simple. At Hallex we treasure our people, help each other grow, and treat our colleagues and clients properly.

Our Roots

Hallex was founded in Copenhagen and we are shaped by the city. We strive to live up to a Scandinavian design ethos and professional ethics. To us this means keeping a people focus, paying attention to the things that really matter, and valuing simple well-crafted solutions.

Building Better technologies - Shaping a Better Future

At Hallex we are enthusiastic about technology, but critically so. While new technologies present us with awesome new opportunities, they also expose us to new risks, vulnerabilities and challenges. At Hallex we embrace the difficult task of making sure that new technologies actually translate into a better future for all.

At Hallex, humility and ambition are not mutually exclusive. We want to improve how companies, governments and individuals handle data and collaborate, and we know it is going to be quite a challenge to do so.

Proactive and Responsible

At Hallex we encourage and expect our people to be proactive, show initiative and take responsibility. We insist we must be proactive in creating the technologies we believe the world needs, shaping the company we want to work in, and shaping a future we want to live in.

Learning and a Growth Mindset

At Hallex we are learners – individually and collectively. We back each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and constructively help each other grow. Everyone at Hallex understands that innovation requires experimentation, time, failing and asking “stupid” questions. We value critical thinking, constructive feedback and honest self-reflection. We encourage asking the difficult questions.

Integrity, Honesty and Reliability

Acting with integrity, and being honest and reliable is the foundation of good relationships. At Hallex, every day, in every conversation and in every line of code we write, we strive to embody the trustworthiness and reliability our clients and colleagues expect and need from us and our solutions.

Community and Collaboration

At Hallex we value communities and encourage collaboration. We embody this in how we work with our colleagues and our clients as well as our competitors. Because we think it is important and fun, Hallex takes an active part in building a thriving tech-eco-system. We support community building initiatives, share knowledge, and prioritise attending community conferences and events.

An ethos and a set of values are easy to post on a website. Embodying these values in the details of our products, in our strategic decisions, and in our day to day company culture, requires hard work every day from every one of our team members. This is who we are, what we do, and how we do it.